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Best Nursing Programs in US 2024 Best Nursing Colleges

With your patients’ lives in your control, being a licensed nurse isn’t something to take lightly. It takes a lot of effort, understanding, and education to get there. The number of foreign students in the United States is increasing, as per the Institute of International Education. There has been a five percent rise in overseas students attending US colleges and universities over the past academic year. According to those figures, an extra 700,000 overseas students will be enrolled in US colleges and universities. The ranking of the finest nursing programs for foreign students who desire to study in the United States has been created by our team. Check best nursing programs in us.

Top Nursing Schools for Overseas Students in the US

As per the WHO, these are the top nursing schools for overseas students in the United States:

1. The University of Illinois at Chicago

According to the Global Network of WHO Affiliated Centers, the University of Illinois College’s nursing program is in the top ten in the United States. Just at the University of Illinois, learners of different ethnicities, regions, and nationalities may benefit from the expertise of distinguished academics and doctors. Nursing research conducted by these individuals has a direct impact on the health and well-being of patients both here in the United States and throughout the world.

2. University of Pennsylvania

With the top levels of scholarship around them, overseas students may study from the world’s best nursing teachers at Penn School of Nursing. The Visiting Overseas Ph.D. Scholarship Program, for example, is one of several options available to international students interested in healthcare at Penn Nursing. After completing a year of Ph.D. studies back home, international students spend a year studying at Penn. Individuals from outside the United States might use this time to refine their research ideas and then travel to their hometown universities to finish their academic careers.


Established in 1919, the University of California, Los Angeles is one of the most well-known research institutions across the globe. Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Award winners, MacArthur Scholar, and other members of the nation’s academies are among the professors at UCLA. One of the biggest foreign awards, worth $1.7 million, was recently awarded to UCLA in support of UCLA’s efforts to improve nurse care at Hong Kong State Hospital.

4. University of Alabama

Social, intellectual, and economic diversity awaits overseas students at the University of Alabama. Students come from all around the United States and therefore more than 90 other nations. Approximately 5% of the student population is made up of foreign students.

5. Case Western Reserve

In terms of nursing innovation and practice, the Frances Payne Bolton Institute is a worldwide leader. With their strong belief in the power of nursing and their desire to improve the health of people throughout the globe, learners are strong, vibrant healthcare workers.

6. Columbia University

Widely renowned and medically unsurpassed, the Columbia School of Nursing has been awarded several accolades for its innovative research and curricular breakthroughs. Initial universal faculty practice plan first established Position in Healthcare Policy, and the first World Health Organization Working Institute in Advanced Practice Nursing are just a few examples of how the institution has made substantial accomplishments to the nursing field.

7. University of Michigan

The Medical school at the University of Michigan is ready to collaborate with individuals from across the globe. In order to facilitate foreign students, teachers, and academics to become a member of the university’s community of practice and learning, GO manages the International Scholars Initiative. The University of Michigan would cooperate with anybody who wants to study in the United States, from Ph.D. students looking for academic or clinical skills to professors on leave.

8. University of Maryland

Visiting Scholars Program at the University of Maryland is open to international students. Nursing fellows who are inspired by this program will have the opportunity to work with a UMSON faculty advisor to set particular learning goals and to carry out relevant activities. The goal of this program is to enhance the international development healthcare experience of foreign students and to develop them into entrepreneurs, administrators, and scholars who are committed to establishing new collaborations and projects.

9. New York University

In order to encourage international student interaction and aid health professionals throughout the globe in implementing evidence-based approaches, New York University has launched a Global Health Scholars Initiative. New York University has forged close links with institutions and healthcare facilities throughout Asia, Europe, and the Mediterranean during the last several decades. NYU attracts a large number of foreign nurse educators who come to teach and learn.

10. University of Miami

“World-class prestige”: The University of Miami has been hailed as one of the world’s best medical education programs. To satisfy the needs of the worldwide healthcare industry, we are constantly updating the software. Around 2,725 foreign UG and PG students, scholars (lecturers and academics), as well as spectators come to the University of Miami annually in over 110 countries, spanning each continent, to learn, educate, study, and examine.

Choosing the correct nursing school is essential if you want to pursue a career in this field. An Associate Degree in Registered Nursing may be earned in a variety of ways depending on the school you choose. Classroom education, laboratory modeling, and medical care are common features of many programs.

Instead, if you’re considering a career change, Felician Institution’s expedited BSN program can be a good option. Rapid six-semester medical sequences may be completed in 18 months of full-time study with this curriculum. You may want to consider remaining in the United States when your program is through. To get a license in that state, pick a good school that does.

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Best Nursing Programs in the US: Important Questions

When you begin searching for nursing schools, consider the following:

  • Would I want to attend a major or small university?
  • How much control do I want over my learning?
  • Does a large metropolis or a small county suit my educational needs better? My college/university is located in the very same city or town, and I want to pursue a career in nursing there.
  • Are there any particular states where I’d want to begin nursing as a career?  Nursing licenses are issued by states.
  • A two-year ADN or four-year BSN is my preferred option. To extend my education, should I pursue a doctorate in nursing practice, a master’s degree in nursing science, or perhaps a doctorate in nursing philosophy?
  • Following a few years of working in the medical field, should I want to pursue a career in nurse education?
  • Is an online or hybrid alternative necessary?

Best Nursing Programs in the U.S: Clinical

Despite the fact that a large portion of a nursing degree is spent in classrooms or online courses, nurses must have hands-on expertise before they can begin saving lives. In order to establish a nursing practice, nurses need clinical experience, which is known as clinical. Clinicals are handled in a variety of ways by various schools.

For instance, certain institutions allow evening or weekend shifts, whereas others limit student clinical practice to the normal 9-5. Certain students are able to study at some of the top hospitals in the country because of school links with community doctors and healthcare institutions.

In considering the nursing program clinical, here are a few questions to ask:

  • What hospitals are involved in my program?
  • Which clinical units are available to me?
  • Are clinicals close to the school or far away?
  • Which programs demand the most clinical time?
  • Who is responsible for scheduling clinicals?
  • Is it possible to do my clinical rotations on a part-time basis?
  • During my clinical hours, am I permitted to work?
  • If I skip a whole day of clinical, what’s the make-up task?

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Best Nursing Programs in the U.S: Paying for Nursing

Usually, nursing students wind up spending far less than they expected because of financial help. Nursing students are eligible for a variety of financial assistance programs, including:

  • Student loans
  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Student Loan Forgiveness

An ADN is a good place to start for students who are concerned about the expense of programmes. An ADN degree may be accomplished at a local college, which normally charges less than four-year institutions or institutions. Learners may save thousands of dollars by doing this. In contrast, BSN programmes are more expensive and require longer to finish than ADN ones. On the other hand, BSN programmes assist nurses in obtaining better-paying jobs. For students with adequate financial help, an ADN programme over a BSN degree would be difficult to justify.

Financially, which option is better? That’s up to the individual kid. If you can’t afford to continue in school for four years, you may get your ADN and then go on to get your BSN after working in inpatient care.  Many businesses support ADN nurses who are pursuing a BSN degree by covering the cost of their education. As a condition of receiving financial aid, your employer may ask you to sign a long-term employment agreement.

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