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GK Questions for Staff Nurse Exam 2024 MCQ General Questions with Answers

GK Questions for Staff Nurse Exam: Some important general knowledge questions along with answers related to Staff Nurse Exam are given here. These queries and answers will be beneficial for exam aspirants in their exam preparation journey.

1. What happens tp the rate of photosynthesis when the daylight hours are increased?

Ans: The rate also increases.

2. Name the author of the book ‘Ratnawali’?

Ans: Harsha Vardhan.

3. Which part of a sweater is put on first by the patient with left-sided weakness?

(A) Both sleeves
(B) Left sleeve
(C) Client’s choice
(D) Right sleeve

Ans: B

4. The regional office of WHO’s South East Asia is situated at

(A) Delhi
(B) Mumbai
(C) Hyderabad
(D) Kolkata

Ans: A

5. Which country started the world’s first nursing school?

(A) London
(B) India
(C) Americal
(D) Italy

Ans: B

6. The object of ‘Sangam Yojana’ is?

Ans: To secure the welfare of the handicapped.

7. In the Basketball game, how many players are presented there on each side?

Ans: 05 Members.

8. Exercises that move each joint and muscle are known as:

(A) adduction
(B) range of motion
(C) abduction
(D) rotation

Ans: B

9. Choose the term that describes the force against which the ventricle should expel blood?

(A) Afterload
(B) Cardiac output
(C) Overload
(D) Preload

Ans: A

10. The best method opt by a nurse to help a client who is not accepting a loss is

(A) Leave the client alone
(B) Convince the client to accept the loss
(C) Encourage the client to talk
(D) Discourage individual activity

Ans: C

11. _________ age group has the most potential to exhibit regression when they are sick?

(A) Adolescent
(B) Young Adult
(C) Infant
(D) Toddler

Ans: C

12. Which mirror is used by ENT specialists?

Ans: Concave mirror.

13. Where did the Indian military intervention get the name “Operation Cactus”?

Ans: Maldives

14. ICN was established in the year

(A) 1899
(B) 1898
(C) 1897
(D) 1896

Ans: A

15. In a general ward, the ratio of nurse and patient should be

(A) 1 : 3
(B) 1 : 10
(C) 1 : 6
(D) 1 : 7

Ans: C

16. Children usually double their birth weight by age of 5 months. This is an example of:

(A) Heredity
(B) Development
(C) State of health
(D) Physical growth

Ans: D

17. Which laboratory report is diagnosed by a nurse for a urinary tract infection (UTI)?

(A) Hemogram
(B) Urinalysis
(C) Urine culture
(D) Metanephrines

Ans: C

18. A nurse aide needs to wear gloves while:

(A) feeding a client
(B) doing peri-care
(C) giving a back rub
(D) doing a range of motion

Ans: B

19. While getting ready to dress a client, the nurse aide must:

(A) get the first clothes in the closet
(B) give the patient a choice of what to wear
(C) use the clothes the patient wore the day before
(D) choose clothes that the nurse aide wants to put on

Ans: B

20. AZLAN SHAH’ cup is related to?

Ans : Intermontane plateau,

21. In India, the plateau of Malwas is related to?

Ans : Continental plateau,

22. Blood clotting will not take place in the absence of?

Ans: Calcium

23. What is the Student-Teacher ratio in a GNM school according to INC norms?

(A) 1 : 7
(B) 1 : 15
(C) 1 : 10
(D) 1 : 20

Ans: C

24. What is the absolute Nurse-Client ratio in the intensive care unit?

(A) 1 : 1 per shift
(B) 1 : 2 patient per shift
(C) 1 : 3 Patients per 8 hours
(D) 1 : 2-4 patients

Ans: B

25. The Indian Mental health act was amended in the year

(A) 1987
(B) 1986
(C) 1985
(D) 1984

Ans: A

26. The nurse aid should_____________ in order to communicate clearly with a client having hearing loss.

(A) speak in a high pitched voice tone
(B) stand behind the client when speaking
(C) speak in a slow and loud manner
(D) directly look at the client when speaking

Ans: D

27. Choose the stages of dying which is usually the final stage?

(A) Anger
(B) Acceptance
(C) Bargaining
(D) Depression

Ans: B

28. What causes polio myelitis?

Ans : Entero Virus,

29. What is the number of pairs of spinal nerves in a man?

Ans : 31,

30. In which year, the Revised National Health Policy of India was announced?

(A) 2000
(B) 2001
(C) 2002
(D) 2003

Ans: C

31. The International Day of Persons with Disabilities observed on?

(A) December 1st
(B) December 3rd
(C) December 15th
(D) December 22nd

Ans: B

32. ‘Ockhi’ a name for the Cyclone has originated from

(A) Bangladesh
(B) Pakistan
(C) Nepal
(D) Bhutan

Ans: A

33. Lidocaine is a medication often ordered for a person experiencing:

(A) Atrial tachycardia
(B) Ventricular tachycardia
(C) Heart block
(D) Ventricular bradycardia

Ans: D

34. Who wrote Mrichhakatika ‘?

Ans: Sudraka

35. What is the mean distance from the Sun to the Earth known as?

Ans: Astronomical Unit,

36. Chemically oils and fats are?

Ans: Triesters,

37. The protein that takes place abundantly in Egg is

Ans: Albumin

38. If a panchayat is diffused, elections occur within?

Ans: One Month

39. The Brahmo Samaj was founded by?

Ans : Raja Ram Mohan Roy,

40. Write the full form of NIC

Ans: National Informatics Center

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