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Nursing Questions and Answers 2024 Competitive Exam GK

Here are the basic nursing questions and answers which are asked in almost all the nursing entrance competitive exams and interviews. Check here for a list of some basic questions for the nursing examination.

Nursing Questions and Answers

1. Trousseau’s sign is seen in all the following excluding_______

A. Ca lungs

B. Ca stomach

C. Ca Pancreas

D. Liposarcoma

Ans: D

2. Excluding which one, smoking is a risk factor for all the following cancers?

A. Esophagus

B. Urinary bladder

C. Pancreas

D. Gallbladder

Ans: D

3. In which year did the National cancer control program (NCCP) launch in India?

A. 1975

B. 1982

C. 1985

D. 1992

Ans: A

4. In android pelvis…..

A. Shape is triangular

B. Cavity is convergent

C. A sacral angle below 90 and inclined forward

D. All of these

Ans: D

5. The nurse is carrying out a test on an older adult client. Which assessment data would show a possible obstacle associated with the skin?

A. Crusting

B. Wrinkling

C. Deepening of expression lines

D. Thinning and loss of elasticity

Ans: A

6. BRCA-1 gene can be found on?

A. Chromosomes 13

B. Chromosomes 11

C. Chromosomes 17

D. Chromosomes 22

Ans: C

7. Progression of labor is best evaluated by?

A. Partograph

B. Cervical dilatation

C. Fetal heart monitoring

D. Status of membrane

Ans: A

8. The duration of the pregnancy is?

A. 280 days

B. 40 weeks

C. 10 lunar months

D. Any of these

Ans: D

9. What is the approximate length of the umbilical cord at birth?

A. 25 cm

B. 75 cm

C. 35 cm

D. 50 cm

Ans: D

10. One of the characteristics of an out-group is

A. Small size

B. Hostile feeling

C. Common interest

D. Group welfare

Ans: B

11. Which characteristics of competition is not included among the following

A. It is continuous

B. It observes social laws

C. It deals with individual

D. It is unconscious

Ans: C

17. Quit Tobacco App is launched by?





Ans: D

18. Cordocentesis detect?

A. Enzyme defects

B. Fetomaternal haemorrhage

C. Rhesus disease

D. All of these

Ans: D

19. The genuine description of significant incidents and events of the students noticed by the teacher

A. Anecdotal records

B. Checklist

C. Rating scale

D. Cumulative records

Ans: A

20. What is the most  absolute teaching method for exploring the issues involved in social challenges or situations in human relations

A. Demonstration

B. Lecture

C. Role play

D. Symposium

Ans: C

21. Which chart among the following is used to represent the family history of diseases

A. Flow chart

B. Cartogram

C. Tree chart

D. Pedigree chart

Ans: D

22. Who developed the behavioral objective model of the curriculum

A. Beattie

B. Lawrence Stenhouse

C. Ralph Tyler

D. Bloom

Ans: C

23. Which curriculum is approved by faculty either implicitly or explicitly

A. Hidden curriculum

B. Illegitimate curriculum

C. Legitimate curriculum

D. Null curriculum

Ans: C

24. What is the type of learning in which the acquisition of a series of related conditioned responses takes place

A. Signal learning

B. Chaining

C. Stimulus-response learning

D. Verbal association

Ans: B

25. Father of idealism is

A. Plato

B. J.S. Rose

C. Aristotle

D. Rousseau

Ans: A

26. Which among the following is the highest level of the psychomotor domain of educational objective

A. Mechanism

B. Adaptation

C. Guided response

D. Origination

Ans: D

27. Structure, process, and result model of quality assurance is popularly called

A. Wilson’s model

B. Quality health outcome model

C. Donabedian model

D. Quality management model

Ans: C

28. In which organization structure, the authority flows from top to bottom in a step-by-step method

A. Divisional organization structure

B. Matrix organization structure

C. Line organization structure

D. Functional organization structure

Ans: C

29. Assigning the new employee to a suitable position is

A. Recruitment

B. Selection

C. Placement

D. Induction

Ans: C

30. In which year did the trained nurses’ association establish?

A. 1904

B. 1908

C. 1918

D. 1914

Ans: B

31. What student-patient ratio is maintained for providing effective clinical training for students

A. 1:2

B. 1:3

C. 1:4

D. 1:5

Ans: B

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