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Important Nursing Questions and Answers, Most Repeated Questions and Answers of Nursing, MCQs Objective Type

Important Nursing Questions and Answers

In the section given below, nursing aspirants can find some of the most repeated and important questions in the exam. All the questions are given with answers in the form of MCQs below.

1. Which one of the following is the initial phase of scar tissue formation?

A. Keloid

B. Cicatrix

C. granulation

D. Fibrous

Ans: C

2. Thin superficial compact layer of decidua’s covering the blastocyst is known as_______

A. Decidua basalis

B. Decidua capsularis

C. Decidua parietalis

D. Decidua Vera

Ans: B

3. In which state of India did the first case of Covid positive reported?

A. Kerala

B. Tamilnadu

C. Gujarat

D. Maharashtra

Ans: A

4. Which epithelial tissue is found in the uterine tubes?

A. Squamous

B. Ciliated

C. Columnar

D. simple

Ans: B

5. Which among the following is the lowest level of needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

A. safety and security needs

B. love and belonging needs

C. physiologic needs

D. self-esteem needs

Ans: C

6. A true pathogen will cause disease in:

A. in a healthy person.

B. only in an immuno-compromised person.

C. in persons with allergy to the pathogen.

D. in very few people.

Ans: A

7. Which strategy is most helpful for nurse to enhance your ethical practice and client advocacy?

A. reading a book on religions of the world

B. examining and clarifying your own values

C. talking with peers about their beliefs and values

D. buying a nursing book on ethical decisions

Ans: B

8. The drug of choice for warfarin overdose?

A. Protamine sulfate

B. Vitamin K

C. Iron dextran

D. Heparin

Ans: B

9. Which one is not an autoimmune disorder?

A. Rheumatoid arthritis

B. Myasthenia gravis

C. Pernicious anemia

D. Osteoarthritis

Ans: D

10. Which one is not an oncologic emergency?

A. Hypercalcemia

B. Superior vena cava syndrome

C. Septic shock

D. Neutropenia

Ans: D

11. A part of fetus that inhabited the lower pole of the uterus is called?

A. Lie

B. Presentation

C. Denominator

D. Position

Ans: B

12. Where are the low levels of maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein levels found?

A. Open neural tube defect

B. Down syndrome

C. Multiple pregnancies

D. Rh-isoimmunisation

Ans: B

13. If a nurse is tried under criminal law, he/ she is being brought to trial by:

A. society as a whole.

B. the plaintiff’s lawyer.

C. an organization.

D. an individual.

Ans: A

14. What is the name of the element which is discovered by the William Crookes who was a physical chemist?

A. plutonium

B. germanium

C. beryllium

D. thallium

Ans: D

15. Peripheral sinonasal T-cell lymphoma is popularly called as

A. Stewart’s granuloma

B. Wegners granuloma

C. Ringerts tumor

D. None of the above

Ans: A

16. Which among the following is the most common cause of postpartum hemorrhage

A. Bleeding disorders

B. Abruptio placenta

C. Placenta previa

D. Atonic uterus

Ans: D

17. Choose the type of abnormality where the umbilical cord is attached to membranes

A. Battledore placenta

B. Velamentous placenta

C. Circumvallate placenta

D. Placenta marginata

Ans: B

18. _______ is the approximate total lung capacity in a healthy adult male

A. 500 mL

B. 5000 mL

C. 6000 mL

D. 6000 L

Ans: D

19. What is the chief cause of diabetic ketoacidosis is?

A. GI disturbance

B. Insulin over dosage

C. Omitted meals

D. Not taking insulin regularly

Ans: D

20. The ECG that changes as a consequence of hypokalemia is?

A. Tall peaked T wave

B. Prominent U wave

C. ST segment elevation

D. Widened QRS complex

Ans: B

21. Which specimens of urine are not taken directly to the laboratory

A. Refrigerated.

B. Discarded.

C. Sealed in a sterile container.

D. Shaken up.

Ans: A

22. Who discovered electron in the year 1897?

A. Nicola Tesla

B. Isaac Newton

C. T. A. Edison

D. J J Thomson

Ans: D

23. What degree is required to fill the basin full of water for caring for the hands and feet?

A. 110 to 120ºF.

B. 100 to 110ºF.

C. 90 to 100ºF.

D. 120 to 130ºF.

Ans: B

24. In order to insert the catheter into the female, with infertile gloves insert through urinary meatus:

A. 2.5 to 5 cm (1 to 2 inches).

B. 12 to 17.5 cm (5 to 7 inches).

C. 7.5 to 12 cm (3 to 5 inches).

D. 5 to 7.5 cm (2 to 3 inches)

Ans: D

25. Which among the following is not responsible for causing hydrops fetalis?

A. Syphillis

B .ABO incompatibility

C. Rh isoimmunisation

D. None of the above

Ans: B

26. Choose an example of an isotonic intravenous solution?

A. Dextrose normal saline

B. 10% Dextrose

C. 0.45% NaCl

D. Ringer’s Lactate

Ans: D

27. On which date and year di WHO declared the 2019-novel Coronavirus outbreak as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)?

A. January 30, 2020

B. January 13, 2020

C. January 23, 2020

D. January 27, 2020

Ans: A

28. In which district of Kerala did the first death due to COVID occur?

A. Kasaragod

B. Ernakulam

C. Trivandrum

D. Malappuram

Ans: B

29. In which country did the world’s first human case of monkeypox detected?

A. India

B. China

C. Democratic Republic of Congo

D. Brazil

Ans: C

30. Every year World Blood Donor’s Day is observed on______

A. April 15

B. May 15

C. June 14

D. July 14

Ans: C

31. How many daughter cells are made in meiosis?

A. 8

B. 6

C. 4

D. 2

Ans: C

32. Which hormone, produced by the ovaries, slow down the secretion of LH and FSH?

A. Progesterone

B. Estrogen

C. Inhibin


Ans: C

33. The acrosome of sperm includes?

A. Mitochondria

B. Lysosomal enzymes

C. Nuclear material

D. All of the above

Ans: D

34. What are the wandering phagocytes that are found in the alveoli known as?

A. Alveolar macrophages

B. Pulmonary cells

C. Goblet cells

D. Chalice cells


35. The pharynx is categorized into ________ sub-divisions.

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Ans: B

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