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Top Nursing Exam Questions and Answers, Top 35 Queries and Answers related to Nursing

Top Nursing Exam Questions and Answers

Here are the top nursing exam questions and answers which is asked in most of the examination of nursing. Have a look at the same as given below for the better preparation of exams.

1. The Koplik’s spot can be seen by inspecting the:

A. Nasal Mucosa

B. Buccal mucosa

C. Skin on the abdomen

D. Skin on the antecubital surface

Ans: B

2. Which among the following circumstances can cause a hiatal hernia?

A. Increased intrathoracic pressure

B. Weakness of the esophageal muscle

C. Increased esophageal muscle pressure

D. Weakness of the diaphragmatic muscle

Ans: D

3. The blood pressure of a child aged between 3 and 5 years which is observed abnormal?

A. 96/42 mm Hg

B. 105/60 mm Hg

C. 112/65 mm Hg

D. 115/66 mm Hg

Ans: A

4. Parkinson’s disease is caused by the deficiency of which of __________ neurotransmitters?

A. Acetylcholine

B. Dopamine


D. Serotonin

Ans: B

5. Absence of abdominal distention and bowel sounds after abdominal surgery indicates?

A. Hemorrhage

B. Intussusception

C. Paralytic ileus

D. Flatulence

Ans: C

6. The first positive case of coronavirus case in India reported in?

A. Kerala

B. Tamilnadu

C. Gujarat

D. Maharashtra

Ans: A

7. Unfavorable but unavoidable pharmacodynamics effects of a drug at the therapeutic dose is called

A. Hypersensitivity

B. Side effects

C. Toxic effects

D. Idiosyncrasy

Ans: B

8. Which insulin among the following is prescribed for a client with diabetic ketoacidosis?

A. Long-acting insulin

B. Lente insulin

C. Human Regular insulin

D. Human NPH insulin

Ans: C

9. Imipramine is an antidepressant of ______ group.

A. Tricyclic antidepressant (TCA)

B. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI)

C. Monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI)

D. Non-selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor

Ans: A

10. Isolation of a child with measles is associated to ______ level of prevention?

A. Primary

B. Secondary

C. Intermediate

D. Tertiary

Ans: A

11. The nurse is to direct an IM injection to a 6-month-old child. The most accurate site to use is ______.

A. Vastus lateralis

B. Dorsal gluteal

C. Ventral gluteal

D. Iliac crest

Ans: A

12. The nurse manages iron using the Z track technique. The chief reason for directing iron via Z track is_____________.

A. To prevent adverse reactions

B. To prevent staining of the skin

C. To improve the absorption rate

D. To increase the speed of onset of action

Ans: B

13. Which of the following causes infectious mononucleosis?

A. Cytomegalovirus

B. Beta-hemolytic Streptococcus

C. Epstein-Barr virus

D. Herpes simplex virus

Ans:  C

14. Maximum amount of vitamin D is found in___________.

A. Liver

B. Cheese

C. Egg yolk

D. Cod liver oil

Ans: D

15. Which among the following requires phosphatase test?

A. To test the nitric acid presence

B. To check the methemoglobinemia type, a blood disorder.

C. Test for the efficacy of pasteurization of milk

D. None of the above

Ans: C

16. 3D’s (diarrhea, dementia, dermatitis) are the aspects of which deficiency disorder?

A. Thiamine

B. Biotin

C. Niacin

D. Riboflavin

Ans: C

17. Which antitubercular drugs is responsible for causing red-orange discoloration of urine?

A. Isoniazid

B. Streptomycin

C. Ethambutol

D. Rifampicin

Ans: D

18. Scotch tape swab is used to recognize

A. Tapeworm

B. Anquilostoma

C. Pinworm

D. Cryptosporidium

Ans: C

19. Amoebiasis is transmitted via?

A. Feco-oral

B. Vector-borne

C. Parenteral

D. Airborne

Ans: A

20. Which of the denominator is used to calculate the literacy rate of the Indian population?

A. Population aged 18 years or more

B. Population aged 7 years or more

C. School going population

D. Total mid-year population

Ans: A

21. What is the limit for registration of birth?

A. 7 days

B. 21 days

C. 14 days

D. All of the above

Ans: B

22. Choose the one which is not a socio-economic indicator?

A. Literacy rate

B. Housing

C. Family size

D. Life expectancy at birth

Ans: D

23. Who among the following invented the smallpox vaccine?

A. Louis Pasteur

B. Paul Eugene

C. Edward Jenner

D. John Snow

Ans: C

24. ADHD is generally treated with?

A. Lorazepam

B. Methylphenidate

C. Haloperidol

D. Methocarbamol

Ans: B

25. Which one of the following is a type of delusion commonly seen in depression?

A. Delusion of poverty

B. Delusion of Nihilism

C. Delusion of persecution

D. All the above

Ans: D

26. Deformity of_____________ bone developing in Sprengel’s shoulder?

A. Scapula

B. Radius

C. Ulna

D. Tibia

Ans: A

27. Invertogram is used to diagnose_________

A. Anorectal malformations

B. Tracheoesophageal fistula

C. Cleft lip and palate

D. Hirschsprung disease

Ans: A

28. Which variable is manipulated in an experiment?

A. Independent variable

B. Criteria variable

C. Dependent variable

D. Controller variable

Ans: A

29. Which one would not be in a research proposal?

A. Budget

B. Methods

C. Time frame

D. Results

Ans: D

30. Standard deviation is a measure of?

A. Chance

B. Central tendency

C. Deviation from a mean value

D. None

Ans: C

31. Right to Information Act was formed in______ year.

A. 1985

B. 2001

C. 1999

D. 2005

Ans: D

32. Which one is not required in the consent form?

A. Address of researcher

B. Name of researcher

C. Phone no. of the researcher

D. Income of the researcher

Ans: D

33. Which one is an autocratic method of teaching?

A. Lecture

B. Tutorial

C. Demonstration

D. Independent study

Ans: A

34. The14 principles of management is given by whom?

A. Daniel fraud

B. Henry Fayol

C. Mary Follet

D. Taylor

Ans: B

35. Which one is not included in the clinical method of teaching?

A. Case methods/case study

B. Nursing rounds and reports

C. Process recording

D. Seminar

Ans: D

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