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Nursing Assistant Average Salary 2023: Duties and Responsibilities

Nursing Assistant Average Salary 2023: A person who is employed as a Nursing Assistant in India generally earns about Rs. 22,600 monthly. However, the in-hand salaries range from 11,500 INR (lowest) to 34,700 INR (highest). This is the average salary per month which also consist of housing, transport, and other perks.

Generally, a nursing assistant is considered to be low bonus-based employment because of the limited involvement in direct revenue generation, with deviations of course. Those who receive the highest bonuses are usually somehow included in the revenue generation cycle. However, 71% of surveyed staff reviewed that they haven’t got any incentives or bonuses in the previous year while 29% of employees said that they got at least one form of monetary bonus.

The salaries of a Nursing Assistant is highly decided on the basis of skills, experience, gender, or location. In the article below, you will find a detailed breakdown of the Nursing Assistants Average Salary in 2023.

Nursing Assistant Average Salary 2023 Duties & Responsibilities

Helping hand patients in a hospital help in a nursing home or other medical facility.

  • They perform various uncomplicated tasks, under the supervision of nursing and medical staff.
  • Responds to bells, signal lights, or intercom system to find out the patient’s needs.
  • They are responsible for bathing, dressing, and undressing patients.
  • Obey and collects food trays and feed patients needing help.
  • Transports patients, using a wheeled cart or wheelchair, or help patients to walk.
  • Nursing assistants generally work under the direction of a registered nurse and may work on a part-time, as- per necessity, or full-time basis.
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Nursing Assistant Salary Range 2023

In India the salaries of a Nursing Assistant range from 11,500 Rs. monthly (minimum salary) to 34,700 Rs. monthly (maximum salary).

Median Salary

The median salary is Rs. 22,100 monthly, which means that 50 percent of people working as Nursing Assistants are earning not more than INR 22,100 while the other 50 percent of people are earning more than Rs. 22,100.

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Nursing Assistant Average Salary 2023 Experience

Experience and age is great factors that affect your basic pay or salary. It is very crucial in determining your basic pay. Originally, the more years of experience the higher your pay. Some of the reports suggest that:

  • A Nursing Assistant having less than two years of experience earns approximately 12,900 INR per month.
  • While someone possessing an experience level between 2 and 5 years is expected to make Rs. 16,900 per month, 31% more than the individual with less than two years’ experience.
  • Moving forward, individuals having an experience level between 5 and 10 years will get a salary of 23,600 INR per month, 40% more than those having two to five years of experience in any field.
  • In addition to that, Nursing Assistants whose expertise period is anywhere between ten and fifteen years will land a pay equivalent to Rs. 28,400 per month, 20% more than those having five to ten years of experience.
  • If the individual is holding an experience of fifteen or twenty years of, then they can earn Rs. 30,800 per month, 9% more than the employee with ten to fifteen years of experience.
  • Lastly, employees having twenty-plus years of professional experience get a basic pay of Rs. 33,200 per month, 8% more than someone with fifteen to twenty years of experience in any profession.

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