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GNM Question Paper 2023 Previous Year Question Papers, Sample Papers

GNM Question Paper 2023: This post represents the question papers/ sample papers for General Nurse Midwifery (GNM) course.  It also contains entrance exam question papers. Through this post, you will know about GNM & ANM syllabus & exam patterns. The previous year’s GNM question papers will help the aspirants understand the level of the upcoming GNM Question Paper 2023. Read the entire post to grab the data about GNM Previous Year Question Papers.

On this page, you can check all the questions asked in the General Nurse exam and download the GNM 2023 question paper pdf from the official portal. If you have appeared in the GNM 2023 exam then you can make proper use of these question papers to match answers in the answer key. Moreover, if you are appearing for future GNM entrance exams then these sample papers are very necessary for General Nursing & Midwifery. The question paper will be provided with answers/ solutions too. Go through this entire complete article to know all the information about GNM Question Paper 2023, answers and solutions, 1st-year question papers, 2nd-year question papers, etc.

GNM Question Paper 2023 Highlights

Name of Recruitment Board Health Department of States
Name of the Post Staff Nurse
Number of Vacancies Published Yearly
Vacancy About GNM, Basic B.Sc. Nursing & Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing
Salary INR 43,136/-
Mode of Application Online
Article Category Question paper
Type Of Question Paper Format PDF Format
Location All Over India
Selection Process Exam Base

GNM Ke Baad Doctor Kaise Bane? जीएनएम के बाद डॉक्टर कैसे बनें?

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GNM Question Paper

1) Which of the following natural calamities is not a type of storm?

a) Cyclone

b) Earthquake

c) Hurricane

d) Tornado

2) Choose the person of brinjal known as the Bt brinjal has been developed. The objective of this is

a) To make it post resistant

b) To improve its taste and nutritive qualities

c) To make it drought resistant

d) To make its shelf-life longer

3) Carboxylic acid group can be discovered by

a) Sodium bisulphate test

b) Fehling’s solution test

c) Tollen’s reagent

d) NaHCO3 ­

4) Where does Mahatma Gandhi get his inspiration for Civil Disobedience from?

a) Tuoreau

b) Ruskin

c) Confucius

d) Tolstoy

5) Who one is the author ‘A Long Way’ ?

a) RK Narayan

b) APJ Abdul Kalam

c) PV Narashima Rao

d) Dalal Lama

6) Raga Kameshwari was composed by

a) Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

b) Uday Shankar

c) Pandit Ravi Shankar

d) None of the above

7) Define the following.

a) Psychotherapy

b) Echopraxia

c) Confabulation

d) Lumbar Puncture

7. Fill Up the blanks.

a) Misinterpretation of sensory input is called as ____,

b) Psychoanalysis was introduced by _____,

c) For ______ and lactating mothers drug is not advised.

d) ________ is the term used for compulsive stealing.

e) Schizoprenia was introduced by in _______.

8. Choose the following statements whether they are True or False.

a) Tardive dyskinesia is an easily reversible form of E.P’S.

b) A delusion is a disorder of perception.

c) Behaviour problems are the common sign psychiatric illness in children.

d) Antipsychotic drugs are directed for the tratment of epilepsy.

e) Displacement is placing criticism for difficulties upon others or attributing

9. Write short notes on any two of the following given below:

a) Functions of autonomous nervous system.

b) Pre frountal leucotomy.

c) Role of Nurses in community psychiatry.

d) Organic psychosis.

10. Define Psychiatric nursing.

11. Write the qualities of the psychiatric nurse. .

12. Explain the principles of psychiatric nursing

13. Define Mania.

14. Describe the types of mania.

15. Define occupation theraphy.

16. How it helps in the treatment of psychiatric patient?

17. Define EeT.

18. Define Mental mechanism.

19. Mention the types of mental mechanisms.

20. Describe any three mental mechanisms with suitable examples.

21. Write short notes on any 3.

a) Ethics of nursing.
b) Record.
c) Mentally healthy person.
d) Barrier Nursing.
e) Cross infection.

22. Write the full form of abbreviations.

a) H.I.V.
b) U.I.P.
c) T.F.A.
d) V.V.M.
e) R.C.H.P.

23. Fill in the blanks.

a) Widely open anterior fontanelle is seen in __________.
b) Children behaviours are abnormal due to ________ .
c) Impetigo is caused by __________.
d) Bleeding gum is found in __________deficiency.
e) In haemolytic anaemia __________is given.

24. Write the full form of abbreviations.

a) B.C.G.
b) B.H.C.
c) P.P.B.S.
d) I.R.D.P.
e) I.N.C.

25. Write shorts on any 3.

a) Kangaroo medical care
b) APGAR Score
c) Phototherapy
d) Marasmus
e) Congenital Anomalies

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