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Career in Nursing 2023 Diploma, UG, PG Specializations in Nursing, Salary Structure

Career in Nursing 2023: Nursing field is another health care career option in India that deals with various areas of clinical care. It is considered as one of the bravest occupations, as the nurses are in charge of practicing in close contact with doctors and other healthcare staff. The main motive of a skilled nurse is to know the method and technical details that are required in healthcare. Students should study Anatomy, Physiology in order to become Nurse. Those candidates who are interested in becoming a nurse should make sure to complete the nursing science course.

The INC (Indian Nursing Council) is the recognition and accreditation body for nursing education in India. Various domains such as diploma courses, Philosophy, UG degree courses, PG degree courses and doctoral courses are available to study in the field of nursing. There are a few private health centres and hospitals which offer the certificate courses for the duration of 6 months to 1 year.

Career in Nursing 2023 Courses

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Diploma courses

UG Degree courses

PG Degree courses

Doctoral courses

  • M. Phil (Master of Science in Nursing) – 1 yr (Full time)
  • M. Phil (Master of Science in Nursing) – 2 yr (Part-time)
  • Ph.D (Doctor in Philosophy) – 3 to 5 yrs

Specializations in Nursing

  • Oncological Nursing
  • Cardio logical Nursing
  • Nephrological Nursing
  • Paediatric Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Cardio Thoracic Nursing
  • Operation Room Nursing
  • Neonatal Nursing
  • Ophthalmic Nursing
  • Leprosy Nursing
  • TB Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Neurological Nursing
  • Neurosurgical Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Cancer Nursing
  • Orthopedic Nursing
  • Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Nursing Education and Administration
  • Practitioner in Midwifery
  • Emergency and Disaster Nursing

Career in Nursing 2023 Employment Areas

The nurses can work in the employment areas such as:

  • Government-run hospitals
  • Super specialty hospital
  • Nursing homes
  • Orphanages
  • Old age homes
  • Industries
  • Sanatoriums
  • Armed forces
  • Indian Red Cross Society
  • Indian Nursing Council
  • State Nursing Council
  • Educational institutions

Nursing Career Paths

While choosing nursing as a career, prospective nurses need to focus on specialized areas of medicine. Here in the below section, we have provided an overview of the 31 best nursing jobs based on their work profile, salaries, and high demand. An individual looking for a career in nursing can go through this list to identify their ideal role.

1. Certified Dialysis Nurse

Certified dialysis nurses are now one of the fastest-growing specialties, that are responsible to assist individuals who have severe kidney problems.

Eligibility Criteria: A certified dialysis nurse should have 2,000 hours of experience caring for dialysis and nephrology patients over two years. Each candidate should make sure to complete 15 hours of continuing education in nephrology. Alongside, candidates should also earn a registered nurse (RN) license, and clear a certification test.

2. Legal Nurse Consultant

A certified legal nurse consultant needs to show expert methods to consult on medical lawsuits, offering information regarding the healthcare system.

Eligibility Criteria: These consultants should possess an RN licensure, however a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree is not always required.

3. Nurse Midwife

A nurse midwife is in charge of delivering babies and providing healthcare before, during, and after birth for both mother and child. They need to conduct gynecological tests, deliver prenatal and postnatal care, and provide information regarding family planning.

Eligibility Criteria: A nurse midwife must hold a master of science in nursing (MSN). Many employers require candidates who have done midwife specialty programs.

4. Nurse Anesthetist

A nurse anesthetist treats patients with anesthesia for surgery and can assist in caring for patients during their time in the operating room.

Eligibility Criteria: A nurse anesthetist should possess two years of experience as a nurse with their BSN before enrolling into MSN in the nurse anesthesia program. A doctoral degree may also be necessary.

5. Nurse Case Manager

A nurse care manager is in charge of monitoring the patient progress and suggests alternative evaluations and treatments.

Eligibility Criteria: Some RN-to-MSN programs provide case management options.

Salary Structure

Those nurses who have just completed the program and are fresher may acquire the job with around Rs. 7000 to Rs. 15000 per month salary. Candidates having 2-3 years of experience may get Rs. 20000 to Rs. 30000 per month. The mature and well-experienced nurses may get a salary of more than Rs. 50000 per month.

By completing the nursing career, candidates may get the opportunity to acquire a job abroad. The nurses will be able to receive a handsome salary package in abroad like US and UK. Several nurses who are working in foreign countries are from India and Kerala state.

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